Board of Management Meeting, September 2015

Board of Management News
A meeting of the Board of Management took place on 7th September 2015. The following is a report of the meeting:
1. Policies on Dignity in the Workplace and Student Attendance were ratified.
2. Staff appointments were ratified and Mr. Lawless, Ms Gethins, Ms Gallagher and Ms Kenneally were welcomed.
3. Best wishes were extended to the student in 6th year who is recovering from a bicycle accident.
4. Best wishes were extended to Mrs McCoy as she recovers from her illness.
5. Congratulations were extended to Ms Cathriona Fallon and her husband Mark on the birth of their daughter in April.
6. Student enrolment was discussed and it was noted that student numbers had increased.
7. Students were congratulated on their results in the State Examinations and the teachers were thanked for their work.
8. The Board examined the school’s finances. It was agreed that parents be reminded of the voluntary contribution of €70. It was noted that this amount had not changed in the past 15 years and that it was the lowest contribution asked of parents in all of the schools in the locality.
This Board was ending its term of office in October. Elections of new members were ongoing and a new Board would be appointed once all the names of nominees for the new Board were forwarded to the Trustees.