Parents’ Association



The Parents’ Association consists of parents of the students from each area catered for in the school. Fifteen Parents volunteer to form the Parents’ Association at the Annual General Meeting of parents each year. The Parents’ Association meets twice per term and acts as a representative body that:


The aims of the Association are: –

  • To represents the views of parents
  • To defend the right of voluntary denominational schools to exist
  • The promote the educational and general welfare interests of the students  of the school.
  •  To keep parents of pupils attending the school informed of the problems of running a voluntary school and of current educational trends and developments in education in the school.
  • To vindicate the right of parents to consultation and information on government educational policy.
  • To foster co-operation between parents, teachers and school management
  • To provide opportunities for parents and the school Principal or representative of staff to meet and exchange ideas on the education of their children and to address topics of mutual interest
  • To help with provision of extra equipment and fundraising
  • To collaborate with teachers and students in the development of school policies.


The Parents’ Association does not have power to deal with complaints against members of the school staff. The Association does not interfere with the professional aspects of school administration and work.


Parents who wish to become actively involved in the school are welcome and encouraged to join the Parents’ Association.