Student Council


A Student Council was set up in St. Mary’s College in September 1996. The 1998 Education Act requires that a student council be established in all second level schools.


Aim The student council is a means of involving students in the life of the school.




  • To nurture citizenship and leadership skills
  • To enable students experience procedures for the organisation of meetings.
  • To provide a forum in which students can, in a constructive way, identify and express their needs.
  • To enable students to appreciate the democratic process involving teamwork and loyalty to a decision.
  • To develop in all students a sense of responsibility towards the whole school community.
  • To Provide a forum for communication between students and between staff and students.


Council Membership

Every class group has 1 person freely nominated and elected.

A new Council is elected every year. Students can be on the Council more than once.


Student Council members 2014-15

Dominika Janowska   Chairperson

Jack Gilmatrtin,  Secretary

Jo-Ann Ryan

Klaudiusz Bak Vice – Chairperson

Aine McGlinchey Vice – Treasurer

Brian Killoran Treasurer

Simon Maxwell

Evanna Farrell

Cian Tivnan

Chris McMunn

Paulina Bak


Liaison with Staff

  1. One staff member, Mr. Shane Kennedy,  is the liaison teacher with the  Council.  The   role of the liaison teacher is to:
  • ensure a clear line of communication between Council and staff
  • assist the Council in a resourceful, not directional, manner
  • support the Council in respecting and implementing agreed student policies
  • co-ordinate the elections, induction and training of the Council
  1. The Council is expected to report regularly at staff meetings and to the Board of Management. On occasion, the Council may address the staff and /or the Board of Management on a particular issue.
  2. The Principal / Deputy Principal meets regularly with representatives of the Council.


Election Procedure

  • Students wishing to represent their year fill in the application form.
  • Names of suitable applicants are presented to each year.
  • Each student votes for one student of their year only.



The council member should be:

  • Responsible
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • A Good Listener
  • Punctual
  • Able to relate well with the whole class
  • Articulate
  • Confident and willing to take on a leadership role in the school
  • Influential in upholding rules and standards of the school as defined by the Code of Behaviour.
  • Have the interests of the whole school at heart
  • Proud of his / her school


Model of Operation

The council is expected to  meet at least once a month. It will prepare its agenda and publish it in advance. After the meeting, it will publish the agreed minutes.


Induction and Training

There will be a short introductory session in May following the appointment of the Council. A more intensive training day will be provided in early September after which the Council will be formally inaugurated.