On Thursday March 21st, we had great excitement in the school as our Talent Show took place. Auditions were held last month and from that twelve acts were selected to perform. Each act had a teacher as a mentor and under their watchful eye practices and rehearsals took place over the last number of weeks. Students from 1st year to 6th year took part and we as a school community were privileged to see such displays of talent from our students. Huge thanks must go to Ms Ellen Tighe and Ms Tara Reilly for organising and producing the show. Thanks also to Eamon Lawless and Belinda Fleming for sharing their wisdom and expertise with us. Thanks also to the many students and teachers who helped out in so many different ways. Finally thank you to our twelve acts. You all brought your own unique talents to the show. It is not easy performing in front of your peers and many were performing in public for the first time.