We are currently in week 3 of our training plan, as part of our couch to 5k program. Every student in the school is participating- training 3 days a week.  The students are putting in great effort and we are excited to see the fruits of their labour when they particpate in the whole school 5k in May. 

As outlined by the world health organization , every teenager is recommended 60 minutes of moderate- vigorous activity every day- by partaking in this challenge it is helping our students to reach that target.

The  training plan, gives the students daily targets and a goal to achieve. The Couch to 5K plan lays the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. It also helps develop a good cardiovascular base and muscular endurance. The plan is simple to follow and seeks to minimize the risk of injuries by gradually ramping up the workload. We want to instil not only the benefits of physical activity in the students but also give them the experience of setting a goal, following a plan and achieving that goal.

In the early weeks of it we have alreadysee the students display resiliance in getting out and running even when some of them don’t want to. They have a sense of connectedness with eachother as they all encourage eachother in achieving their daily goal. It is heart warming and inspiring to see the students being active outside of their PE class. Please continue to encourage your child and join in with them if they are training in the evenings or weekends!