Winners of Special Merit Award in the Sligo Enterprise Competition- El Navidad Mini Company12809794_1080622045343913_4981560627143997416_n

Easter Beauty Camp



Works of Art

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North West Basketball Champions


St. Patrick’s Day Parade

More float 2016 _Float SPDP 2016 _float 2016 _back of float 2016 st. patrick's day cup10600360_1088353894570728_8637155504498750058_n

St. Angela’s College Sligo Award

Access students St. Angela's

Mentor Activities

rrr qqq zzz ooo www Photos of St. Patrick’s Day Float, St Mary’s College, Ballysadare. Thanks to our sponsors.

Fundraising for North West Hospice

hospice presentation

6th Year Biology Fieldtrip

photo 5


JC mercy day award 2014 JC Mercy Day 2014



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IMG_4830 Gaisce1 chess competition 2014 7K5A7923 011 TY Mentor Activity on Knocknarae broadcast by choir Oct 2013

Musical ‘Honk – The Ugly Duckling Musical’

7K5A1729 7K5A1734 7K5A1913 7K5A2042 7K5A2148'HONK' The Musical